Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Don't you love discovering new things?

Some of my recent discoveries: blog hops, linky parties, rug hooking, wool applique and Sue Spargo.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sue Spargo, she is a Folk Art Quilt designer. You can find her website at

In November I bought her new book "Creative Stitching".

I was walking by a display and this book reached out and grabbed me.
The cover is amazing and the inside does not disappoint. This book demonstrates the embroidery stitches Sue uses in her work. It also shows actual examples of the stitches on portions of her quilts---wait for it----in color! And what colors there are, I love her color combinations. This book is delicious.
Today I made another Sue Spargo discovery, she has a new fabric collection for Rober Kaufman Fabrics, which includes two panels.
Here is a description of the fabric collection from Sue's website:
Designed in collaboration with my sister Wendy, I am so excited to release our first collection, 'Folkloric Blooms', for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. This eclectic collection highlights some of my 'funky folky' style while incorporating bold geometrics inspired by our African roots.
Here is a picture of one of the panels.
I can think of all sorts of things I can do with this panel.
If you go to Sue Spargo's facebook page you can enter for a chance to win the panel.
Can you tell she inspires me?
Breaking News: Ijust  received my first bloghop giveaway. Tomorrow I"ll post pictures of my beautiful new necklace.


  1. Ronda - I have just loaded your blog into the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party - so you are all set! Lets get you some followers! Latest updates are on my blog -- see you on the 19th!


    1. Thanks Vicki! I plan on tweaking it a little bit this weekend so I'll be ready for visitors.


  2. I can see why that book cover grabbed your attention.

    1. Hi Kim, If you get a chance, check it out. It's definitely eye candy.

  3. Hello Ronda,
    I took a class from Sue Spargo over a year ago. I love her folk art look. I to just bought her new Creative Stitching book and absolutely love it. I have not seen the panel before but she has a book with this pattern in it.

    I just finished My Pomegranate Table Rug which was the name of the class I took from Sue. I just posted photos of it on my blog if you would like to see it. I did change it a bit to make it in the colors I love and also the center piece.
    The JOY of discovery is wonderful. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      I'm so jealous that you were able to take a class from Sue, hopefully I'll be able to do the same some day. I'll definitely be visiting your blog to check out your table rug. Ronda

  4. Good luck with growing your blog.
    I tried to blog hop and memes but abandoned it. I do well to visit my faithful blogger friends who leaves comments on my blog as it's very time consuming especially for me since I'm a two finger typist.
    The book looks very enticing. I love stitching but really don't have much spare time.


    1. Hi Julia, I'm surprised how much time blogging takes. I'm still figuring out this whole blogging thing, now that it's cold outside and gets dark early I have time to spend on it but when summer comes who knows?

      One of the reasons I started blogging was to make new friends like you. It's like having a pen pal only better. (Our kids probably have no idea what a pen pal is).

      Stay warm. Ronda


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