Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eventful 2012

Like many others I am reflecting on 2012. At the beginning of the year I could never have imagined the events that would take place in my life.

The first quarter of the year was spent successfully completing the biggest and most challenging project in my career.

In April my company announced a voluntary retirement program that I would have to apply for. After many discussions with my DH I decided to apply.

Mid April I was notified I had been accepted in the program BUT that I wouldn't be able to retire with everyone else at the end of July, I would have to wait until the end of the year. I was really disappointed with that news and let HR as well as my Boss know. I was told if things changed I might be able to retire earlier.

Beginning of August my Boss told me I might be able to retire at the end of September. Little did he know my Mom was praying that I would be able to retire by my birthday, 9-9. My retirement date turned out to be 9/7/12.

In August, Son #1 proposed to his girlfriend and DH and I were able to be there. Future DIL loves Elvis so my Son made arrangements to propose to her at an Elvis Impersonator show. He was so brave to propose in front of over 100 people. She said yes.

My last big project for work was to go to Montana for a week. I was able to take one of my Assistants and with 10 other women we drove all over Montana---from the Butte area up to the south end of Glacier National Park, back down to Butte. I would have rather done the trip with my DH but it was nice to see such a beautiful state.
On September 7, 2012 I began a new part of my life's journey and started this blog to document it.
September through December I spent enjoying things I didn't have time for when I worked: taking classes from my LQS, attending a major quilt show, exploring new crafts, visiting different guilds and clubs and preparing for the holidays.
2012 turned out to be an eventful year in my life, I look forward to see what 2013 holds.
Thank you for following my blog over the past few months.
I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year, Ronda


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    1. Thanks Beth. I spent some time on your blog and I admire how you worked to grow it. Having the series to help newbies grow their blogs was a great idea. I don't think I can reach your level but will be reading the advice "expert" bloggers wrote in the series and following you to learn more.
      Happy New Year. Ronda

  2. Hello Ronda, You did have a very eventful year and I was happy you got to retire early just before your birthday. I love Montana and have visit Glacier NP. It is a truly very beautiful place.. DID you take lots of photo of Glacier NP??? I am glad you are blogging and I have got to meet you. I look forward to reading many more of your adventures during your retirement. Hugs judy


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