Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little Wool projects

Last year I discovered wool applique and fell in love. Here are a few of my latest "little" woolies. (I recently decided that my projects didn't all have to be big).

They are all tiny needle books.

The Owl, front, inside and back:

 Some round ones. They are about 3 inches in diameter.

 A Kitty for Valentines Day anyone?

These were all quick and fun to make and a great way to use up bits of wool.

Til next time, Ronda

Progress on my Rug and my studio

Here is where I was when I last posted about my rug:

This is where I am today
I have a little bit of the background to finish and almost all of the border. I need to get back to working on it a little bit each day.
I rearranged my studio and like working in it much better now. I can look out at the mountain while I work. My handy Mountain Man (MM) put a display shelf on two walls so I can enjoy my creations and other treasures.
MM also put up some hooks so I can hang my mobiles when I finish them.

Last weekend I got brave and took some of my mobiles and other work to a consignment shop in our little village. It's scary showing other people your work. She liked it and took 3 of my mobiles, some pincushions and four of the crosses that MM makes. I'm hoping they will sell.
I reused some items I found at thrift stores to make pincushions.
MM uses handles from old cutlery to make crosses.

I'll be so excited if I sell something, I will keep you posted.
I've been partying at Vicki's annual "Grow Your Blog" party. There are over 500 participants this year so I'll have a reason to party for quite a while.
Click here to party with me: Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full.
Til next time, Ronda


Completed Burlap Rose bouquets

It's RAINING! Praying that we'll get many more storms over the next couple of months.

It was good to hear from old and new friends, thanks for taking the time to welcome me back.

I was asked about the Bridal bouquets I was working on for my Son's wedding. I did finish them but didn't get great pictures of them. Here is what I have:

The bridesmaids:


The Brides:

My now Daughter-in-law also asked me to make the boutonnieres. I wanted to work with the burlap rose theme but didn't like the look of the burlap rose buds so here is what I came up with:
The Grooms:
The Grooms (in the middle) and the groomsmen's:


After all my complaining I was pleased with the way everything turned out. The Bride (my new DIL) was delighted with them which is all that counts.
My Son's new blended family:

Weddings are so much fun, I enjoyed reliving that day while putting this post together.
Next time I'll share the progress I've made on my rug and some little wool projects I've completed.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Catching up

Since mid-September my oldest Son got married

My youngest Son and his wife moved 4 hours away

And of course the holidays happened.
Now it's the end of January and I decided I want to get back to my blog. Blogging became like a "job" I had to do instead of something I enjoyed so I stepped away for awhile.
I have added a new craft to my life, making mobiles. It's been fun seeing how each one will turn out.
I have been working on my big rug and will post an updated picture soon. 
The weather here on the mountain has been wonderful the past few weeks, sunny and in the high 60's to low 70's, but this is not good news. As the rest of the country has dealt with bitter cold California is in the middle of a drought. January is our rainy month and we haven't received any rain. There is no snow on the high mountain tops. If we don't get rain and snow in February and March we're going to be in big trouble this summer.
Looking forward to catching up with my blogging friends. Ronda