Saturday, January 12, 2013

It is ALL About ME!

I found a bloghop that fits me perfectly, because it is ALL about ME, ME, ME!

Look at her, doesn't she look just like me? I know I had that hairdo in the 60's.

Thanks to Madame Samm for putting together such a fun bloghop, Marlene for cheering us on and Amy Bradley for designing a pattern with my portrait on it.

This will be my first bloghop and I'm a little nervous but what the heck only tens of thousands of people will see my work. Get ready to hear me whine about it for the next month or so.
NOTE: I was thinking that January 19th, the date of the Build your Blog party, is on Monday---WRONG, it's next Saturday. So instead of giving you the link on Monday as I mentioned in my last post I'll put it in next Saturday's-the 19th, post.
Til the next time, Ronda




  1. Good luck with your blog hop Rhonda. I hope that you get lots of followers.

  2. Blog hops can be fun. It's a great way to find new blog friends.


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