Tuesday, January 15, 2013

True Confessions

I'm taking a chance here because this post may cause me to lose some of my followers.

Here goes, I love reality TV programs. The Bacholar, Biggest Loser, Duck Dynasty, Love It or List It, America's Top Model and even worse The Real Housewives of Atlanta and of New Jersey.

The drama and the....ah...drama. Can't stay away.

I do have some standards, I tried watching The Mob Wives lots of drama but it seems staged and the language is awful. Haven't watched Honey Boo Boo and have no desire to do so.

Sorry if I've disillusioned you, but I have to be real here.

Hope you'll visit again, Ronda


  1. Hi Rhonda, I do not watch TV soaps or reality shows and those programs hold absolutely no appeal to me any more. I think that I may be old fashion and still hold dear the old values. God's values haven't changed, just our values have changed a lots in recent years. I find it pitiful that people go to extreme to make a buck and have fame.

    I used to watch soaps when I was younger but since I weaned myself from TV I am no longer impressed by the lifestyles the stars lives.

    Once in a while I watch educational programs and old movies. I watch the weather channel, the news which is sometimes no better but I need to be informed of what's happening in the country and the world.

    Don't get me wrong, I hold no judgement on those who choose to watch those shows. They are just not interesting to me. I just don't get how people can live like that and be happy. I don't expect people to think like me. We are all at different stages in our life journey.

    Have a great day.


    1. Hi Julia, I agree about the news, if you watch the first 5 minutes you learn most of what you need to know. I bet you get more done than I do.

  2. I'm enjoying the biggest loser this year, once I got past the first week of Jillian yelling at everyone. I watched Honey BOO Boo last year, but that was enough of those people for me. The only network shows I watch are Elementary and Parenthood. I like the reality shows on TLC,DYI, and HGTV. Love the bridal gown shopping shows and have been trying to catch up with Nicole on Rehab Addict on DYI.

    I'm making a Valentine table topper today, got the idea here: http://www.favequilts.com/Valentines/Valentines-Day-Table-Topper/ml/1 Mine won't look anything like this one because I'm using white printed cotton for the background and making lots of pink and red hearts out of felt, but it inspired me to make one.

    1. I love Parenthood too. The Braverman's are so cool.

  3. I'm addicted to Dancing With The Stars. Does that count?

    1. Probably. It's amazing what the Stars learn in just a few months. I got one of their exercise videos and it kicked my behind.


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