Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rylee's First Week

Miss Rylee is settling right in. She has learned her name and will come (most of the time) when I call her. She tends to ignore Mountain Man when he calls her, hmmm I wonder whose fault that is? 

Rylee's first Selfie:

Her favorite toys are an empty paper towel roll and a hair curler. She is not impressed with actual dog toys. 

Firsts this week:

-ride in the golf cart
-visit to the shop
-hanging out on the deck
-wearing a collar

She's timid when introduced to new things but gains confidence quickly.  

This week we're working on "sit" and the ongoing task of potty training. 

I'm trying a new App on my IPad, if it works it will be easier to post and hopefully I'll post more often.

Til next time, Ronda

Friday, September 25, 2015

Meet Miss Rylee

Meet Miss Rylee Walker our 11 week old Yorkshire Terrier.

Rylee joined our family on Monday (9-21). At the Breeders there were 3 little girls available and we chose Rylee. It was so hard to choose, Mountain Man wanted to bring home 2 but I think one puppy at a time is enough. Yorkie puppies are born black and gold and look like a little bear. Some stay black and gold, but Rylee will be silver like Roxy was. Her roots are already starting to come in silver (gray).
It has been a busy week trying to get on a schedule. Rylee sleeps quietly (for the most part) in her crate at night. We start our day between 6:00 and 6:30 am. The first two days she slept a lot but now that she is settled in it is ON! Morning consists of breakfast, 2 hours of playtime and a nap. 

Afternoon is lunch, playtime, a nap and more playtime. Evening is more of the same.
On Thursday Rylee had her first Vet visit. She was a big hit, I didn't think we were going to get her back. She weighs 2 lbs and is 12 inches long.
The Vet told us to make sure she gets about 4 meals a day and that is fine with Rylee she loves food. Training Mountain Man not to feed her everything he's eating is going to be a chore.
I'll try to take lots of pictures and blog when I can so you can watch her grow.
Til next time. Ronda and Rylee

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creative People

I saw this posted on Facebook one day:

A lot of these apply to me. I was worried because I get passionate about something but after a while I become bored with it. I have done quilting, rug hooking, jewelry making, wool applique, mixed media painting, art journaling, played with alcohol ink, crocheted aragumi animals, made soap, tried micro macramé, played with zentangle and made purses from recycled clothing. See what I mean?

Our shop is a blessing because I have a place where I can sell what I make. Because we get Tourists from all over the world my work has gone to England, Italy and all over the U.S. As scary as it is to put my work on public display it is affirming when someone likes and buys my work.

In future posts I'll share some of my work. Here's a sneak peak:

No matter your age or ability I hope you choose to do what you love. Ronda

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Catching up

Can't believe it's been 9 months since I posted last.

The biggest change that has happened in my life is my Great granddaughter Miss Kendrick. She was born on 12/30/15 and is a happy girl. This picture of my girls (Kendrick and her Mama Catie) was taken at the beach this summer. Aren't they beautiful?


 Another big and sad change is that we lost our Yorkie, Miss Roxy in May. She was in our lives for 14 wonderful years and made us smile everyday. We miss her so much.

Our shop is surviving in spite of the drought and the wild fires this summer. We were lucky that the fires weren't close to us but we did have smoke for several weeks.
We had some cooler weather this week but it's suppose to go back into the 100's the next couple of days. Like many of you I'm ready for fall so I made a pumpkin pie yesterday to get the season started.
We've started looking for a new fur baby. We're really drawn to Yorkies but may visit the local shelter to see if we can find someone to rescue. The danger in going to a shelter is that Mountain Man is going to bring them all home.
Til next time, Ronda