Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hooked Rug Update

Due to problems with the hoop I was using to keep my project taunt I haven't been able to work on my rug. As I mentioned in an earlier post I thought I had found a solution at Joann's but DH had to tweak it to make it work.

Over the past few days I have made some progress, the sheep and flowers are finished.

As you can see the biggest part of the rug is yet to be done, the sky and the grass. My plan is to work on it each day, we'll see how that works out.

I love clouds and in the mountains I get to see some wonderful formations. This was an opening in the clouds over the mountains this afternoon, it's amazing to see that there is a bright blue sky behind all the clouds.

This was taken at sunset, the sun is shining on the mountains on the east as it set. 
My Doctor appt went well yesterday, now I have to do all the follow-up stuff, blood work, bone density test.... I tried to get a flu shot but they were out, probably a good thing since I had to have a tetnus/whooping cough shot. One shot a day is enough.
I enjoyed the wool club, it's nice having a three hour block of time to work on a project. I could kick myself for not taking pictures of what everyone was working on. I'll try to remember next time.
Til next time, Ronda


  1. Hi Rhonda, you did a great progress on your rug. What kind of hoop are you using? I only did very small rugs with the hoop and gave up.

    My first home made frame was just four narrow boards that were clamped together with four clamps and holes drilled to tie the rug backing on and I used two chairs with posts on them and an adjustable ironing board to support it as I hooked. I made my very first big cow rug on it. I have pictures somewhere on my Rug Hooking Daily page in my photos albums.

    1. Hi Julia,

      I went to JoAnn's to find stretcher bars but they don't carry them any more so I found something similar. I works much like a hoop in that I have to hold it while I work, not ideal but it will work until I decide whether I want to invest in a better rug frame. I'll have to check out your page to find your first rug.

  2. Your rug is coming along nicely. I have tried but have no success hooking with a hoop. It seems like a need a third hand to do it properly. I bought an inexpensive lap frame and love it.

    1. Hi Kim, What frame did you buy? I saw a lap frame that has a part you actually sit on to stabilize it. I'm going to go to our local rug hooking club in a couple of weeks and hope to get more information and see different type of frames, hooks ect.

  3. Hello Ronda, Your sky photos are lovely. Your rug hooking project is coming along very well. Where do you go for your wool club?? Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      My local quilt shop hosts the wool club. Here in California there aren't many shops that carry wool or rug hooking supplies. For instance I wanted to see a Rug Hooking Magazine and can't find an actual copy to look at. Barnes and Noble doesn't carry it, neither does any of the quilt shops or craft stores. One of the ladies at the wool club said she'd bring a copy so I can see if I want to subscribe.


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