Friday, January 25, 2013

My Local Quilt Shop, Bear Paw Quilts

Yesterday was shop at your LQS day so I went shopping at Bear Paw Quilts in Oakhurst CA.

Here I am with my purchase. I bought some material for my "It's All About Me" project so I can't show it to you.

Here is what you see when you enter the store. 

Bear Paw is located in Oakhurst Californis on HWY 41 about 20 miles from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park.

They have panels descripting Yosemite, here is a wallhanging using the panels:

Here are a couple more quilts that are hanging in the store (there are some more intricate but I picked these because they have a "mountain feel").

If you're in the area stop and visit my LQS.

Yesterday I promised to show you my BOM project but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Here is another peak at it:

Til next time, Ronda


  1. The colours and styles are very typical for the region and so very different to what I see here in London. I think I prefer more 'in your face' colours and styles.

    1. Hi Annabelle, I like that each shop has it's own personality. There are two more shops about an hour away from me, one is very modern, light and bright and has a lot of the new fabric lines. The other is a mix, cozy with both traditional and modern fabric.

  2. Thanks for sharing those quilt pictures.
    Have fun making you It's all about mew project.

    1. Hi Julia, The "all about me" project is a challenge. I've finally decided on the fabrics for the clothing but am having trouble with the backround, guess that's part of the fun.


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