Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Roxy is the only one who dresses up at our house, and she is SO happy about it---NOT.


Once a month our family meets for dinner. (This was a Christmas gift my kids gave to me and my Mom. My almost DIL, K came up with the idea and got my Sons, D2 and D3 and DIL M to agree with.) This month it was at D3's home, which was perfect since my DIL M LOVES Halloween. She did a great job with the menu.

First came our appetizer, chips and dare I say...vomit.

Dinner consisted of:

Scary Peppers:

They were tasty

Grubs, I will be adding this to my menu's in the near future, they were great.

And for dessert, worms in dirt:

Despite how it looks the food was delicious. It was the most fun I've had celebrating Halloween in a long time.

Thank you D3 and M for all you hard work, you did a great job.

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