Monday, October 8, 2012

One month anniversary

Happy one month retirment anniversary to me! Must admit it seems like longer, my work memories are fading quickly.

My friend Irene gave me the best advice, she told me to just "breathe". I took that to mean relax, don't do a lot of planning, just enjoy life as it comes. I try to take her advice often. I was so used to juggling several crisis at one time I was finding it hard to relax---I'm getting better at it though.

Since I retired on Sept 7th I have:

- celebrated my birthday
-our 43 wedding anniversary
-Doug's birthday
-went to the Modern Quilt Guild meeting
-took a class
-helped my Granddaughter move.
-started a blog
-learned several new quilting techniques
-set up and organized my studio

After looking at that list, I don't think I have the relaxing part down yet.

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