Monday, October 22, 2012

My Son the Artist

Yesterday I went to a festival in Clovis to help my Oldest Son (and his beautiful bride to be) at his booth.

My Son does metal sculpture and is an amazing artist. He uses found items, old bicycle parts, ect. He was "upcycling" (no pun intended) before it was popular.

Below I have posted pictures of some of his work.

This first picture is of his first major piece called "Nemo Found". As you can see he won several awards, including the viewer choice award.

The next few pictures are close ups of the parts of this sculpture
The next few pictures are of some of his more recent pieces
One of my favorite thing is watching how people respond to his work. As you can imagine boys of all ages love it. Most of the little girls don't get it. I have never seen so many men crowded around an art booth like this, they try to figure out what he used in each piece. Here are some images of guys checking out his booth. (some of the pictures aren't great but I was trying to take them without the guys knowing it)


Finally these are flowers he made for me, they will never die. I like his pieces when he doesn't paint them, but that's just me.
Yes, I will admit I'm biased and a proud Mom, but what Mom doesn't like to brag about their kids?
Watch out, in an upcoming blog I'll be bragging about my other very talented son.


  1. Everything about this makes me smile :)

  2. Very cool stuff, Ronda! I love them and he really IS very talented (not just a mom opinion) and very unique designs. I hope he is extremely successful!

  3. I love this kind of art! I am always looking for pieces that will last and not need watered!


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