Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I need Clinton and Stacey!

Someone please submit my name to "What not to wear", I need Clinton and Stacey's guidance. I cannot understand how I can try things on, think they look great on me, buy them and then see a picture of myself in them (out in public mind you) and wonder what was I thinking.

 I also wonder how my handsome husband let me leave the house looking like that. I guess that is how we've stayed married 43 years, he tells me what I want to hear. However this morning he put his life in danger. I was putting my makeup on and doing my hair when he came in carrying Miss Roxy (our Yorkie), he says to Miss Rox "don't look "it" might scare you". Unbeleivable!

A few hours later he had the nerve to ask me to bake him a cake. MEN!

On another subject, several of you have told me you weren't able to comment on my posts. I think I fixed the problem so I'd appreciate it if you would test it out for me.

Doug and Roxy




  1. No more pics of me please

  2. I think the mirrors in the stores are fixed! I have the same problem---the clothes don't look the same when I put them on at home and look in the mirror. I bring them back. How was your purse class?

    1. Hi Rose, at least you know it doesn't look good when you get home. My problem is I think I look great untilI see a picture. My class is today and I did finish my homework.

  3. Ronda- I think we are all WAY too critical of ourselves. You always look just fine to me (!) and if Doug is happy too, what is the problem? Now if you were wearing red/white/blue plaid Palazzo pants along with a neon pink tube top- I might worry a little! But I don't think Stacy & Clinton would think you were much of a challenge... (By the way, do you ever see those WalMart people emails? Yikes. Now THEY need to review and make some changes!)


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