Friday, October 19, 2012

Busy day

Busy day here on the mountain, I did 4 loads of laundry, ran and emptied the dishwasher, trimmed Roxy's hair, and if that wasn't enough I did the annual clothes switch out. According to the weather forecast daytime temps are suppose to be in the mid 60's next week. For those of us in Cali it means winter is fast approaching.

Back to the clothes switch out, what a job.

 When I packed my winter clothes away I was still a working woman so I had to decide how much business clothing to hang onto. While I was at it I decided to use only white hangers in my closet and go through my purses and shoes. (Darn only found a dime in my purses).

I'm done and the closet looks nice, two totes of summer clothes went back to storage and I have a box of clothes to donate.

Going to work on my crazy patch purse homework for a couple of hours.

All in all a pretty productive day.

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