Monday, October 29, 2012

My Mini

I once heard that you should buy a "cool" car just before you retire. Who am I not to take such wonderful advice? My cool car of choice was a bright blue Mini Cooper.

Mini's have always made me smile and this one is no exception. It is fun to drive and in my opinion much cooler than the Smart car or Fiat. (I can't decide if I like the looks of the Fiat or not, but they don't make me smile). Lucky me it also gets good gas mileage, except I have to use premium so it may not save as much gas money as I had planned.

You might think that the Mini is not a good fit for the mountains. It is almost perfect for the mountains it loves to climb the hills and go fast around the curves. However when it gets cold their is a warning light that comes on to tell me it's "feet" are cold. (Really it's just warning that the temp has dropped and the roads could be icy)

My Mini is an "S", sport model. The dealer was in the Bay Area so I got to drive it home, when we stopped for a break I told D that I think we're in trouble and better take it back because it does NOT like to go slow. I look at the speedometer and couldn't believe I was going 80. Speaking of the speedometer take a look at this:

Do you see that huge round thing in the middle of the dash? That is the speedometer! There is NO hiding your speed from your passenger. The Mini is a tattletale. When D is driving I try not to look.

Operating the Mini took a little getting use to. What should be switches or buttons are toggles:

Locating them the first couple of times was a challenge. the ones shown are below the speedometer and operate the door locks and windows. There are more located above the mirror. They operate the moon roof and I'm not sure what else.
I also didn't take into consideration that even though the Mini has a back seat it is pretty much a two person car. It's a hatchback so there isn't a trunk. It's not perfect but I do love it.
This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about a Mini so I'll end now.

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