Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jury duty

Spent the day yesterday with a bunch of people who wanted to be somewhere else. Ah, jury duty. This is the first time I reported in the smaller county that I now live in. I must say that the staff was much friendlier and more informative than the bigger county.

I went through a jury selection. I was not one of the initial 12 so I was able to observe as the attorneys questioned them. It seemed like those that wanted off the jury knew just what to say to be taken off the panel. After all the questioning I guessed which ones would be excused and got all but one right. Then came their replacements, when the judge asked one if he could follow her directions on how to decide on a verdict he said "no, if they do the crime they do the time" The denfense attorney asked him if he thought the defendant was guilty, the juror said yes. The judge and the defense attorney asked him several more times in different ways and he gave the same answer. Talk about a way to get off a jury. I was surprised he wasn't held in comtempt of court. So if I'm ever on a jury panel and want to get off my answer will be "they do the crime, they do the time".

I was excused so I don't have to worry about it for another year. That means I can go to my final crazy patch purse class and hopefully put all the parts together so I'll actually have a purse.

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