Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting educated

Yesterday I went to an emergency preparation meeting for our community. I must admit when I lived in the city I really didn't think much about this, however living up here where there is a chance of wild fires I thought I'd better educate myself.

I knew a lot of the information but I did learn I need to turn off the main propane valve to the house and that the Sheriff is the one that calls for an evacuation. I also learned that there may in fact be "stupid" questions, one lady asked the fire department where the fire would come from? Anyone have an answer for that one?

I'm going to the city today to get groceries. I never thought I would dread this. It's not the traffic or the distance, I'd just rather stay home. That is not an option today our cupboards are getting bare and even worse Miss Roxy is out of food.

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