Friday, October 26, 2012

The purse is FINISHED!

Yesterday was my last Crazy Patch Pocket Purse class. Again the other members of the class had not finished their homework, but the teacher had put together step by step instructions on how to put together the purse so I had something to do while the others caught up.

I was moving right along until it came time to put the lining into the purse----it was about 3 inches too short---major issue. It turns out the instuctor had put the wrong measurements on the instructions. I was lucky that I had more of the lining fabric and was able to add 3 inches to the lining so it would work.

There was another glitch in the instructions that caused me and another classmate to have to take apart the bottom of the purse and redo it.

Needless to say no one finished their purse in class.

Today I finished it up, I put in the lining and did some top stitching--ta dah:

Here is a close up of the front pocket (it's hard to see the decorative stitches, but you can see the couching).

Here is the back of the purse:

Here is one of my classmates almost completed purse.
 This is the first time the teacher had taught this class and she doesn't think she'll teach it again. It is very labor intensive and she's going to come up with a different project that will teach the same techniques. Even though there were some glitches I did enjoy her teaching style.
 I learned the techniques I went to the class for and I finished the purse so I guess it was worth the time and frustration. It also built up my confidence. I figure if I could keep up in this class I can probably do okay in any class. Taking a class allows me to focus on one thing without any interuptions and meet some nice people. I'll probably take another class of some kind after the holidays.
Tomorrow I'm going to the Fresno Modern Quilters Guild meeting. I'm taking a leaf hotpad that I made for the fall themed item swap. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Hi Ronda,
    Wow! I'm really impressed with your creativity. Your making some beautiful stuff. I'm also glad that you seem to be enjoying doing it too. What's your next project? I'll keep an eye on your blog to find out. :)
    Love, your brother.

  2. How can you make your purse like this? There are some leaves on it.

    1. The material already had the leaves on it. I'm not sure where the teacher found the pattern she used in the class. If you find the leaf material I'm sure you could find a pattern that would work for you.


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