Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mom's Tea Bag Carrier challenge

In my studio enjoying music from my 50's Pandora Music Station. I love Pandora, if you haven't tried it you're missing out.

What is it? Pandora is FREE Internet Radio. You choose the type of music you want to listen to by choosing an Artist, Song or Composer and Pandora will create a radio station just for you. For instance I have a Michael Buble Radio Station. Pandora plays music similar to Buble. When a song starts playing I can give it a thumbs up and Pandora will continue to add more of that artist or type of song, if I give it a thumbs down the song stops playing and another song starts. Pandora will play music even if you don't give them "thumbs up-thumbs down" but by doing so you create a station that plays music you like. There are very few commericials. You can get more info at (Sorry I got a little carried away, it's fun to share cool, free things with your friends).

My Mom drinks tea and has a paticular brand that she likes and carries with her in her purse. A few years ago her friend gave her a little tea bag carrier that she had found in Victoria BC. Prior to this Mom was carrying her tea bags in a ziplock. Mom mentioned that her carrier was wearing out and said that it looked like it would be easy to make. Since Mom doesn't sew the challenge of duplicating her much loved tea bag carrier came to me.

Here is the original well used and loved Tea Bag Carrier:

Sorry for the quality of the photos, my I-Phone let me down today.
Here is the inside:
Looks pretty straightforward so I figured out the dimensions:
Inserted the lining
Made the pockets
Folded in half
Then folded it in quarters and added the button:
The old and the new:


I think I met the challenge. Hope Mom likes it.


  1. Another inspiration, thanks Ronda. I could make that for myself. My teabags that I carry in my purse always end up wadded up---Like I need ONE MORE THING in my purse!! It's just cotton material, right? Not laminated? Is it an optical illusion or is one end more narrow than the other?

    1. Hi Rose, Yes it's cotton material, you wouldn't want to use anything heavier or it would be too thick when it was folded. Wow I didn't know I could do optical illusions , cool. It is even or at least it's suppose to be a rectangle.

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