Thursday, November 15, 2012

New technique and fun find

I tried working with wool felt and loved the texture of it. It is easy to applique because it doesn't fray. Here is my completed pillow.

I went to the Wool Club meeting at Quilters Paradise on Wednesday and met some very knowledgeable women. They gave me some tips on how to improve my stitches and how to tack down the pieces before there stitched down.  Some of the ladies were working on wool rugs. One lady was working on a 6' circular rug for her husbands office, I can't believe she's going to let people walk on it. I liked this group and will probably go back next month.
Today D and I went to some antique and thrift stores in Oakhurst. We found an old portable Singer sewing machine:
We got it for $20 because it didn't have an electrical cord but it did have all the accessoies. We figured that even if we just used it as a decoration it was a great buy. I went on line and found that it was made in 1929 and I was able to find an electrical cord on line for $12.00 that D think will work. I'll let you know if we get it running.

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