Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nice surprise, a big mess and a treasure.

D and I went down the mountain to do a Walmart run, not my favorite thing to do. Afterwards we stopped at Wendy's for lunch and ran into my youngest Son. We got to spend his lunch hour with him. It was such a nice surprise, it made my day.

When we got home I decided to start decorating inside the house, this is the during picture-what a mess.  I ran out of steam so it still pretty much looks this way. When I get it pulled together I'll post the "ta da" picture.

One of the things I love about opening the Christmas boxes is finding all the treasures. Today I found:

Spot from the old 7-UP commercials. We got Spot when our family toured the 7-UP distributing center in Fresno. I'm not sure what year it was but it had to be in the early 80's.

All in all a pretty good day.


  1. Hello Ronda,
    Discovered you from my NEW blog and the Holiday Lane Pillow Hop. (So many talented people out there) And.... my late father grew up in Corsegold too. (That would be like in the 20s and 30s though)...drove a tractor at 10 yrs. of he used to tell me. Later in life, he retired in Oakhurst. TMI???

  2. Hi Cheryl, Good to meet you. Never TMI. We've only lived here a year, moved from Clovis. We love the slower lifestyle.


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