Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall yard work

Worked in the yard this morning, swept leaves off the porch and out of the gutter, with our trees this is going to be an ongoing battle for many weeks.

These are only two out of our 9 trees and they still have plenty of leaves for us to deal with.

I pulled out the last of the marigolds, I love those flowers they last for months. I left in some of the zinnias and the vinca. One of the reasons I left the zinnias is that there was a huge bumblebee enjoying them and I wasn't going to interrupt him.

On my patio my ever blooming hydrangea is still blooming. I should have taken this picture before I trimmed it, it had about 6 other blooms that were fading. It's in a pot out in the open so I think I'd better move it next to the house soon.
I also have a oak barrel full of these orange flowers that have bloomed all summer. I'm not sure what they are. I've planted them before and I love them. I guess when I buy them next year I should pay attention to their name.
I'm off to our wonderful nursery in Oakhust to get pansies so I'll have some color to look at this winter.

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