Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drama at the Activitiy meeting

Last week I was busy, working in the yard, taking an on-line class, attending the communities activity meeting, and going to my first Quilt Shop Hop.

The activity meeting was an eye opener, lots of drama and very entertaining. The big item on the agenda was wrapping up details for the fast approaching Christmas gathering. This year they've decided to do an Open House Cocktail Buffet from 5:30 to 9:30 instead of a sit down dinner which is enough to cause an uprising in the community. They had decided to just have tall tables positioned throughout the room for people to have a place to set their plates and drinks as they STAND and visit with others and not to have places for people to sit. It was brought to the Committee's attention (like they don't know) that there are a lot of elderly people in our community and they need a place to sit. It was suggested that there be tall tables as well as low small tables with chairs around the perimeter of the room for those that want to sit. The audience was told that the President of the committee had made the decision on the tall tables and since she wasn't in attendance no decision to make changes could be made.

Other drama:

A new wreath with lights had been purchased for the clubhouse. One outspoken lady was concerned that the cord would show. She would not let it go, they must have spent 10 minutes discussing this. They promised her they would disguise the cord. It's going to get ugly at the club house decorating session if they can't hide the cord to her satisfaction. I'm planning on helping decorate so I'll let you know if more drama ensues.

It was suggested that a local quartet perform at the Christmas open house. The same outspoken lady was horrified. She said she had heard them practice and they were awful. People responded that the quartet had performed at the wine tasting and they were fine. Again Miss Outspoken would not let it go, I'm not sure what the outcome on this one will be.

Upcoming drama:

Miss Outspoken will be leading the Activity committee next year. D and I may attend more meetings for the entertainment value. It's almost good as watching the Real Housewifes of ...

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  1. So...I take it you didn't volunteer to be head of anything. Chuck forgot to ask Doug about the meeting when they met yesterday. I thought you'd post a picture of your overnight snow.


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