Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Tree

Decorating is done! Wow it's a lot of work and I couldn't have done it without my DH's help. Thank you D.

When I was growing up finding the perfect Christmas tree was very important and it took hours. I carried this tradition into my marriage. My DH was so patient, we would go from tree lot to tree lot to find our perfect tree. I remember one year after spending hours looking we went back to first lot and bought one from there.

 I'm sure D was delighted when we bought our first artificial tree it took a lot of drama out of Christmas. Although putting it up meant almost building it from scratch:

The picture above shows my Brother and his wife putting the tree together. My SIL is from the Netherlands and this was her first American Christmas. I can't imagine what she thought when she saw our tree coming out of the box and realized it had to be put together. 

When I was a young girl I remember thinking my Grandparents were old because they had such a small tree. According to my own standards this years Christmas tree means I am old.

We downsized when we moved from our last home and this included our Christmas tree. This tree is very special because it holds a lot of memories. Most of the ornaments that are on it have special meaning. From now until Christmas I'll be sharing some of these memories with you.
Here's a closer look at the tree:

The oldest thing of mine on the tree is a stuffed mouse that was given to me by my best friend when I was in the 7th grade.

I do not ususally hold onto things so it's a miracle this mouse has survived all these years. He has been with me since I was 12.

The oldest thing on the tree is D's favorite ornament from his childhood:

May you be blessed with wonderful memories as you decorate your home.


  1. Nice job on the tree- it looks beautiful. But there is an easier way- I finally broke down and bought an artificial tree after 50+ years of 'fresh' (still get a fresh wreath) and bought a beauty @ Costco- Lights are pre-wired and the branches FOLD UP and to set it up takes 10 seconds! Pull out of box, set into nice vase-shaped stand, fluff branches & plug in. To put it away you just gently push up the branches up (like a feather- if you brush the right way it smooshes together). So easy. No needles. Looks great. Happy Irene.

  2. Very nice Christmas tree, with the cactus and lights on, the trees can be like the star. The process to decorate the Christmas tree much be a touch one.


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