Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New food find

Happy Thanksgiving week! D and I will be going to my Son's home where my DIL will amaze us with her turkey cooking skills. She says she loves to cook the turkey and it shows. I am taking my world (or at least family) famous chocolate pie, it is a family tradition.

My food find:

I tried Fleischmann's "Simply Homemade No Knead Bread Mix" this weekend.


Everything you need (except a little bit of flour) comes in the box and it is ready in less than an hour. The bread turned out well, it's a rustic looking loaf but it tasted great. NOTE: there are directions on the side of the box on how to make it in a loaf pan.

I made the multi grain loaf and served it with chilie, it would also go with soups and stews. It made great toast, the toast was a little skinny but very good. There are four flavors, Multi grain, Country white, Italian Herb and Stoneground wheat. It was so fast and easy I'm going to keep a box or two in the pantry. I found it at Walmart but I'm sure major supermarkets will have it as well.

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