Friday, December 28, 2012

Lunch, the lake and a laugh

On Thursday afternoon DH and I went to one of his favorite places to eat on the mountain, El Cid. If you're ever in the Oakhurst area this is a great place to eat if you like mexican food. It is located about a mile north of Oakhurst on HWY 41.

If there are tables available ask to sit on the indoor patio. There are great views of the surrounding mountains.
View from El Cid Patio

There are lunch specials but if you're there for dinner the prices are very reasonable.
After lunch we decided to drive into Bass Lake. The turn-off to Bass Lake is about a mile north of El Cid. The lake is 5 miles from the turnoff. (Bass Lake is where the movie "The Great Outdoors" starring John Candy was filmed.)

Bass Lake California

During the winter water is released from the lake to allow for the snow runoff in the spring. In some places you can walk across to the other side.

Can you tell I'm cold?
The lake was so calm that the reflections were amazing.


I don't think this boat is going anywhere until spring.
Proof of Bigfoot? Only if he's wearing a pair of giant Uggs.

I tired to convince DH that I needed this nice log in our yard, he said I could have the small piece of wood instead. NOT!
I love the cloud formations over the mountains.
DH's artsy shot.
Bass Lake is one of my favorite places in our neighborhood.
This made me smile: "A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing"
I know I've wanted to drop kick a computer or two across the room.
Blessings to you, Ronda



  1. Great pictures, now I want to come up to Bass Lake again! Did you find the other side of the lake??

    1. Hi Rose,

      We were on the west side of the lake and I must admit it's easy to miss the turns to get there. If Doug hadn't been driving I would have missed them.

  2. Fantastic pics! I like Doug's artsy pic. Your making my life harder you know. You live like I would want te be able too. Oh well, we've all made our choices... Glad to see that the writers block didn't last long.
    love, your brother


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