Thursday, December 6, 2012

What happened to Christmas Lists?

I went Christmas shopping today but it's not fun anymore. Our tradition is that Christmas lists are due on Thanksgiving day. I must say the lists weren't very inspiring, gift cards, gift cards and more gift cards, what fun is that? Fast? Yes. Fun, NO!

In early November while I was getting my hair cut I asked my Stylist, who is in her early 30's, what type of gift she likes to receive from her Parents, her answer, you guessed it---gift cards. The Stylist working next to her, also in her 30's, agreed, gift cards is the gift of choice because they can choose what they like.

Okay, I'll admit that I put gift cards on my list to my local quilt shop or JoAnnes but I also put anything handmade so I left room for some creativity.

I'm going to have to come up with a way to make giving gift cards fun. I've decided I'll have to be creative on what I put the gift cards in. A wine glass, a makeup case? What to do for the guys?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make giving gift cards fun?

My Christmas memories today are ornaments that I received from my sewing circle friends in 1984. At the time we were all stay at home moms and met once a week during the school year to work on our projects. Although we met for a couple of years this was the only year we did an ornament exchange.

This little snowman was crocheted by my friend Bobbie.

My friend Rose trimmed and filled this sweet little basket:
I made this ornament for the exchange and made one for our tree as well.
I'm almost finished with my snowman penny rug, I just have to finish the hats and embroidering their mouths.
They're beginning to look like snow people---not men because a couple of them are girls. Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend.


  1. In 1984, both my Mom and my Mom-in-law made me a set of 3 snowmen just like your first photo. The only difference was the color of the scarf. Both Moms are gone now, but I still have the snowmen!

    1. What precious treasures they must be to you. Have a wonderful day. Ronda

  2. Hello Ronda. Thanks for looking at my blog. An idea for your gift cards. I don't know how big they are, but what about making a wallet for them, a bit like a greeting card with a picture on the front. You could make it out of stiff card, and embroider around the edge, a bit like the stitching on the red heart. You could make it any shape you want, paint it, stick pictures on it, and cut two slots in opposite corners to insert the card. Makes a gift card a bit more personalised, you could stitch their name into it.

    1. Sounds like a good idea, maybe I could make it silly by putting pics of my Husband and I on them. Without small kids in the family some of the fun and magic has gone out of Christmas.

  3. Ronda, your snowman penny rug is darling! We do lists ... on Amazon. Does that count?! It's actually rather nice -- especially since you can list things that aren't on amazon -- and keep it current the year long! :)


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