Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm making progress with my first wool hooking project, if you remember this is where I was on Friday:
While watching my 49ers win on Sunday I outlined the rest of the sheep and did it's face and feet. Yesterday I outlined one of the flowers and did some of the stems:
I love football so with the end of the season and the playoffs coming I might be able to finish this by the Superbowl.
In our family everybody seems to have a different favorite football team. As I mentioned above I'm a 49er fan, DH loves the Cowboys, Mom the Rams, the kids: Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raiders, and Packers. This makes for some fun when our teams play one another.
It's crunch time, one week until Christmas. Today I hope to finish the Christmas shopping and tomorrow I'll wrap. Once the presents are taken care of I'll move onto the Christmas Day meal.
Hope your Christmas plans are coming together. Take time for yourself today.


  1. Your sheep is going to be wonderful. I work with wool and am on wooly buddies, but I never did this kind of thing with it. Enjoy that football!

    1. Thanks, I just started working with wool and am having fun learning all the different techniques. Do you do appliqué? Thanks for checking out my blog. Ronda


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