Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Birds and berries

The berries on our trees are ripe

And the birds found them

I had to be very sneeky because they didn't want their pictures taken.

With all the leaves gone you can see one of their nests.

At times there are 10 or more birds in the tree but I can only get a picture of one at a time.

 I'm enjoying their visit.


  1. Hi Ronda, taking good bird pictures is a bit tricky for me too. They fly away before I take a good picture.

  2. Hello Ronda,
    I love seeing birds all year around. Great Photos and thanks for sharing them. I enjoy seeing your Mts. photos and your lovely rug hooking. I have one wee hook rug star I will have to get a photo of to show you. The weather here today is awful, snowy and rainy. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy, Where do you live? We have bright sunny skies today but temps will only be in the 40's. When I go for my walk I'll look like Ralpie's little brother from the Christmas story. Hope you can stay inside and play. Stay safe, Ronda


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