Monday, December 3, 2012

Nice Date

Last night my DH asked me to go out on a date with him today, of course I accepted. We went Christmas wish shopping, pointing out what we might like for Christmas-a visual Christmas list.

One of the stores we stopped at was Anthropologie, it may be my new favorie store. I gave him a lot of gift ideas, I liked LOTS of things. He bought me three things while we were there, a butter dish, salt and pepper set and a mug. I love them.

I told him I'd go browse in another store if he wanted to shop for Christmas but he said he wanted to get some of the things now. I've already enjoyed tea in my new cup.
Even after all these years going on a date is special. We treat each other differently, leave the cell phones off and focus on one another. You did good D, I had a wonderful time.
My Christmas treasure today ties nicely into our day, we painted the wooden ornaments below for our first Christmas tree.
I hope you take time to make special memories during this Christmas season.


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