Saturday, August 31, 2013

Red Sun

I woke up this morning to a red sun behind a curtain of smoke, it was an eerie sight. The smoke is from the "Rim" fire on the northern edge of Yosemite (Yes this is the fire that has been on the news for over a week now). The wind direction changed yesterday bringing the smoke into our area. I feel bad for tourists going into Yosemite this weekend, the smoke is blanketing the area hiding all the beautiful views. Firefighters are starting to get an handle on it but it will probably be a couple of more weeks before it's completely out.

Mariposa, a small town about 30 miles north of us, was suppose to have clean air so we decided to go over for the day. The Mariposa County Fair is going on so we thought we check it out. We got to Mariposa in time for a parade.

Crowd lining up before the parade.

Best seats in town:
Here comes the parade: (notice the bright blue skies).

Grand Marshalls:
Love the flag bearer
Have to have a marching band

Rodeo Queen
A boat???
Now this is a float
Local football team (only in small towns)
Here come the cars
A painted pony
My favorite parade sidekick 
This trolley is a long way from San Francisco. It ended the parade.
We enjoyed the parade. It was fun hearing family and friends cheer for their "people" in the parade.
I felt bad people trying to drive down highway 49, it goes right through the middle of town so they had to wait for about an hour, until the parade was finished.
In my next post I'll share pictures from the fair: quilts, rugs and a few animals.
Til next time. Ronda


  1. Looks like fun, I do hope they get those fires under control soon.

    1. Hi Terry, It was fun. The fire is 40% contained, they are getting control slowly but surely.

  2. There's a lot of heart in this small town parade. It's nice seeing people getting involved.
    Sorry about all the smoke in your area. Smoke from such a huge fire travels a long distance. We had that happen to us a while back. A huge fire in the province of Quebec send us some smoke and red glow in the sky and like you said it has an eerie feel about it.

    I hope that your September will be a delight.

  3. So many fairs and farm shows will be happening now.
    The parade looked like fun.
    Not so fun, hearing about what you are dealing with out there.

    1. Hi Rose, Fall is my favorite time of year so many fairs and festivals going on.


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