Saturday, August 24, 2013

Busy day at Wool Poppies

Today was our August Wool Poppies meeting and it was action packed. We had to:

       -choose categories for the rugs we're displaying at the November Art Hop show .
       -put together our Chapters raffle basket for the Bi-Annual in Long Beach CA.
       -color plan our raffle rug for 2014, so we can start hooking it.
       -plan our beginners class that we'll be holding in late October
       -schedule members to demonstrate at our local fair, as well as the Civil War Re-enactment.

We all left tired but we accomplished a lot.

Rug planning:

       Wool is selected and sorted into lights, darks and medium.

Placing the darks:

Snippets pinned to the squares, almost done planning. I can't wait to see what it turns out like. Each "Poppy" will get the rug for 2 weeks to hook a portion. I get it the first week of November so a lot of it will be done. 

Here are pictures of some of the rugs that will be displayed at the Art show:
This one is by Gail Becker and is about 24" wide and 18" high.
This one is about 4' by 2'
This rug is by Karla and measures 4'x3'
Another one by Karla:

I'm not sure which Poppy hooked this one, it is 4'x5' and will be hung on the wall. Don't you want to vacation in this cabin?
This colorful rug is 4'x4'.
Another geometric, 4'x3'

More of Gail's rugs:
This one is 3'x6'
At the Oasis 2'x3'

Turtles 1'x4'

Bouquet of flowers 2'x3'

This one is fun, it is done in a 10' cut (wide cut of wool strips)

And last but not least Karla's Sleigh Ride, 4'x3'. It almost looks 3 dimensional.


There are some talented Artists in the Poppies.
While I was in town I bought yarn to finish my purse and leaf mat. Hopefully I'll finish them soon.
I'm one pooped Poppy so til next time, Ronda
P.S. Yes Keith some of these rugs are used on the floor.




  1. The cow rug by Karla is my favorite, closely followed by the dancing rabbits. They were all amazing.

    1. Hi Rose, They are pretty amazing, I don't think I can choose a favorite.

  2. Just beautiful and such fun.
    Woolie Blessings

    1. Thanks Trace, it was a very fun day---inspirational too.

  3. That sounds like such a fun project. Make sure you post progress pics of that rug as it develops.

  4. WOW some very wonderful hooked rugs. MY favorite ones are the dancing bunnies and the sea turtles..ALL the wool also looks very yummie. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy, it's fun to hear which rugs are people's favorite. The bunnies is the first rug I've hooked in 10 cut up close, I liked it.

  5. Hi Ronda (and the rest of the Wool Poppies),
    Sounds like you all are keeping busy. Thanks for answering my question about the rugs. I must say that I think it a great shame to put any of these artworks on the floor so that people can walk on them. You all are craftspeople/artists! Ronda, you answered another question I had about the size of the rugs. They can range from the "small" to the quite "big/large". As for my favorites, I like the 4 by 2 by Gail and also her "abstract figures" one (3 by 6). I also like the oval rug by Karla and her Sleigh ride (which does indeed look three dimensional). Anyway, all the rugs are amazing! Great work! Hope you all get the chance to relax a bit before all the happenings start.
    Love, your brother


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