Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I finished The Ladies, and other project updates

Last week I finally finished "The Ladies". I designed this little mat using Deanne Fitzpatrick's Big Boned Girls templates and learned the techniques to hook it in Deanne's "how to hook people" online course.

While I was at rug camp Brigitta Phy helped me choose the wool for the border, we chose a dark navy blue. I think it makes everything pop.

This is also the first rug I whipped the edges. I used the fold forward method Brigitta taught at camp. I need more practice but am pleased at the end result.

I learned a lot while hooking The Ladies, I'm sure it will be my favorite for a long time to come.

I chose to hook one of Brigitta's purse pattern as my project for camp. (pattern can be found at I finished hooking it on Sunday and am waiting to get the yarn to whip the edges.
I call it my sampler purse because Brigitta taught me all types of techniques.

Here it is before it is folded:

Here is the front, the sampler part:

I've also been working on the fall leaf chair pad I started in Laura Pierces mini class. I'm almost done with the last leaf. Laura showed me how to work with 8 cut, as well as electric skillet dying and shading.

No wonder I was so tired after rug camp, my poor brain was worn out trying to remember everything I learned.

Til next time, Ronda


  1. Wow - you got a LOT done at camp! That red purse is especially nice - hope you can get it all put together soon.....

    1. Thanks Gayle, I'm really trying to complete these projects so they don't end up in my UFO pile.

  2. Wow Ronda, you are really doing a lot of hooking. I love your Big Bone Girls and your pretty red purse.
    Thanks for sharing your progress.

    1. Thanks Julia. I didn't realize how much I had learned until I wrote the post.

  3. Your "Ladies" rug hooking is so beautiful, Ronda ! What an accomplishment.
    I am in love with your fall leaf chair pad. The colors ! The veins on the just brings it all together. ;)

    1. Thanks Rose. Fall is my favorite season so I'm enjoying hooking the chair pad.

  4. Hi Ronda,
    Great work! I think I remember the photo of the "ladies". Mom's the one with the red purse and grandma you can't it! I really like your I said before, it reminds me of the autumn's there. Hi to MM and the Miss. I hope all is well.
    Love, your brother


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