Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rylee's First Week

Miss Rylee is settling right in. She has learned her name and will come (most of the time) when I call her. She tends to ignore Mountain Man when he calls her, hmmm I wonder whose fault that is? 

Rylee's first Selfie:

Her favorite toys are an empty paper towel roll and a hair curler. She is not impressed with actual dog toys. 

Firsts this week:

-ride in the golf cart
-visit to the shop
-hanging out on the deck
-wearing a collar

She's timid when introduced to new things but gains confidence quickly.  

This week we're working on "sit" and the ongoing task of potty training. 

I'm trying a new App on my IPad, if it works it will be easier to post and hopefully I'll post more often.

Til next time, Ronda

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  1. Miss Rylee is a doll. Good luck with her training.


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