Friday, September 25, 2015

Meet Miss Rylee

Meet Miss Rylee Walker our 11 week old Yorkshire Terrier.

Rylee joined our family on Monday (9-21). At the Breeders there were 3 little girls available and we chose Rylee. It was so hard to choose, Mountain Man wanted to bring home 2 but I think one puppy at a time is enough. Yorkie puppies are born black and gold and look like a little bear. Some stay black and gold, but Rylee will be silver like Roxy was. Her roots are already starting to come in silver (gray).
It has been a busy week trying to get on a schedule. Rylee sleeps quietly (for the most part) in her crate at night. We start our day between 6:00 and 6:30 am. The first two days she slept a lot but now that she is settled in it is ON! Morning consists of breakfast, 2 hours of playtime and a nap. 

Afternoon is lunch, playtime, a nap and more playtime. Evening is more of the same.
On Thursday Rylee had her first Vet visit. She was a big hit, I didn't think we were going to get her back. She weighs 2 lbs and is 12 inches long.
The Vet told us to make sure she gets about 4 meals a day and that is fine with Rylee she loves food. Training Mountain Man not to feed her everything he's eating is going to be a chore.
I'll try to take lots of pictures and blog when I can so you can watch her grow.
Til next time. Ronda and Rylee

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