Saturday, April 6, 2013

The "Ladies"

I started my Ladies mat but before I get to that I wanted to talk about "the girls".

Yesterday I went in for my annual mammogram, oh joy. They have a new imaging machine that takes more images, however to make this work the person being imaged has to be a contortionist. For one of the "poses" I was instructed to face the machine with my feet facing forward, put my hand on a handle in back of the machine, twist at my waist, lay my arm on the side of the machine (away from the way I was twisted, lean my head back and hold very still because the machine picks up any movement. I couldn't even breathe while the machine was at work. I swear I thought she was going to have me stand on my head next. Of course I must have moved because she had to redo two of the more painful poses. Here's hoping for good results.

Back to the Ladies. I've been nervous about starting on this mat but decided to jump right in.

I had good reason to be nervous, the hair is turning out to be a challenge. My first try on the green dress lady. Mom, turned out to look like Little Orphan Annie, she's looking a little better but I may need to tweak her "do" a little more. Gram's hair was looking good until it all pulled out. This is the second try and I'm not happy with it so I'll pull it out, which I might be doing with my hair soon. Why is women's hair such a pain?
I worked on it more last night, here is where it is as of this morning:

Gram is now hairless, Aunt Kathy's grey hair may need a little work and I need to decide what color Aunt Betty's dress will be. Also Mom's face needs to be touched up. I used a wool that raveled and it's not a good look for her.

In spite of all my complaining I'm having fun with this mat. As I pull the loops I think of each Lady and there personalities. Takes me right back to the Easter's of my childhood.

Til next time, Ronda


  1. This is such a fun rug. I did one years ago with the ladies on the shore and I remember stressing over their hair too.

    1. Thanks Kim. I'm trying to relax and enjoy the process.

  2. Hello Ronda, Those Mammo are fun, hey?? Your Mat is looking pretty good to me. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy, not so much fun, I think the machines were designed by men as torture devices!

  3. This is delightful, Rhonda - and thanks for the reminder on the torture machine! Happy Monday - Tanya

  4. Hi Sister,
    I haven't had the chance to read your blog lately. You know why, I believe. Of course I saw your entry about the "ladies" and the first thing I wanted to do was ask if they were gram and her daughters...I'm glad I didn't comment right away. Because this entry answers my query. Yep, I remember those times too. I hope your mammogram (sounds like something one should receive in the mail...) turns out negative (that's positive isn't it?). Glad I don't have to go through that kind of torture. Sorry you do.
    Love, Your brother


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