Friday, April 26, 2013

Handy Mountain Man

I'm lucky that my Mountain Man is multi talented. He also seems to like being busy.

A few weeks ago he replaced the steps of our redwood porch. This week he repurposed the old steps by redoing my potting bench (it started it's life as a kitchen rack). I didn't stage it very well but you get the idea. 

I'll have him add some hooks to the back so I'll have a place to hang my tools.
We had some black patio furniture on our front porch that was getting faded so I bought some spray paint and MM went to work. Here is the before picture:
Here is a comparison picture:
Because they're in bright sunlight it's hard to see, so here is a closer look:

They add a touch of color to the porch.

There are several Flea Markets on the mountain this weekend, hope I'll find some treasures.
There is also a dog show in Oakhurst and a pot luck at the club house, we're going to be busy.
Hope you find something fun to do this weekend.
Til next time, Ronda


  1. What a charming potting bench! And your painted chairs look very inviting.
    I do a lot of repurposing, too, either salvaging materials for future projects or modifying existing things. The wall cupboard I built for my kitchen about 20 years ago, later became chicken nest boxes and is now a storage cupboard/stall divider in the goat barn.
    Good luck at the flea markets!!

  2. Everything is looking good!

  3. New life in old things is so rewarding. keep up the good work. It all looks good.


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