Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Talented Sons--MM too.

This weekend is a Flea Market in Old Town Clovis, CA. My Son's will have a booth at the show.

I have showed my oldest Son's art in an earlier post. He does metal sculpture using "found" metal. Here is a piece of his latest work, a little frog.

My youngest Sons is making pieces to sell as well. He made the cutest Owl:

He also made this flower that stands about 6' tall. The flowers spin:

Both of them have so much talent and imagination, I'm a proud Mom.

MM hasn't had much time for creativity, he has been painting the outside of our house. He's about 3/4's done and it's looking great.

I did challenge him a little yesterday, I have a dark corner in my living room where I have a table that I like to work puzzles on. I found a lamp shade I liked and asked if he could make a swag light for me. He did it in about 30 minutes.

I like the way it turned out.

It is so nice to have talented men in my family, I'm a lucky girl.

Til next time, Ronda


  1. Your sons' sculptures are very nice. It's a great pastime for them and it's art. It's fun seeing how they find use for metal scraps that is trash to some.

    Your swag lamp looks just spiffy over your puzzle table. I love doing puzzles also but I only do them in the winter after Christmas as the rest of the year, I'm so buzy.

    Have a great week.

    1. Hi Julia, As busy as you are I don't know how you find time for hobbies. Our summers are so hot that we spend a lot of time indoors, we get "cabin fever" because of the heat. This weekend it's suppose to be 107, yuck!

  2. You are very lucky. I have seen metal sculptures in our art fairs and a lot of people stop to look at them. Wishing much success for them.

    1. Thanks Terry. I have some of their pieces and I enjoy them very much.

  3. Way to go guys! I wish the boys succes at the flea market. And yes Ronda, you are lucky to have talented men in your life, but don't forget your own exceptional talents! I'm extremely proud of all of you.
    your brother

    1. Thanks Keith. It's suppose to be 107 here this weekend, not the best weather for an outdoor event. Good news is I could get an amazing birthday present.


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