Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Hot Time at the Old Town Clovis Flea Market

MM and I arrived at the Flea Market a little after 10am. There was a line to get in, a good thing for the vendors. Everyone was trying to beat the heat.

There were so many fun things to look at. Old furniture that had been painted (I think I might have had one of those rectangular side tables)

How cute is that bench? 
The back is the tail gate of a Chevy truck.
All types of signs.
Chalkboard painted stuff was very popular. This sign was made from an old cabinet door.

One vendor had pillows, totes, tablerunners made from burlap.
My oldest Sons is ready for business, but where is his helper?

Here he comes, hey it takes time to look this good. 
My handsome and talented Sons:
The Flea Market was very well done and had diverse vendors. It's too bad that it fell on the hottest days of the year so far. Today's heat of 108 broke a record and tomorrow is suppose to be 105. MM and I only stayed for an hour, it was too hot even at 10 in the morning.
Hope your weekend is much cooler.
Til next time, Ronda



  1. looks like a good flea market. Yes, they are good looking, hope they did well.

    1. Hi Terry, It was the first Flea market of it's kind in the area. I think they did okay for the weather conditions. It's also open today and it's a little cooler so hopefully they'll sell some more.

  2. How did your son's do in that extreme heat? Lord I couldn't stand it. It looks like a great flea market.

    1. Hi Cathy, I think they did okay. It's open again today and it's a little cooler so hopefully they'll grt more sales.


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