Thursday, May 16, 2013

I did it!

There will be no pictures in this post, believe me you wouldn't want to see picture of this adventure.

The weather has warmed up which means that water aerobics has begun. Last year I was going to go but I was still working so I wasn't able to. On Wednesday I finally got up the courage to go and believe me wearing a bathing suit where other people would see me took a lot of courage.

I had a lot of time to reconsider while I was getting ready, putting sunscreen on took a long time. I got the dreaded bathing suit on, put on the cover-up, gathered towel, water, visor, sun glasses and then like a kid decided I needed to use the bathroom. (I know TMI) Note to self, get dressed AFTER you get everything together.

There were 3 other brave women and we had a great time. Who knew you could cross country ski, ride a bicycle, rock like a rocking horse, do the twist, jog, and do some yoga in the swimming pool?There was also jumping jacks and arm curls.

Water aerobics is on M,W,F if I go to most of them by the end of summer my body could be toned up. If not I'll have a nice tan. Don't count on an "after" picture either.

Pickleball update: MM and I are tied 4 games to 4. You only get a point on your serve so a game takes a long time. We're getting better we each have made some awesome shots but they weren't done on purpose.

Next time I post I'll show you my completed Quail pillow.

Til then, Ronda


  1. Good for you for starting with the aerobics. I did that some years ago, and enjoyed it lots.

  2. You brave woman!

  3. You sure are a brave woman. Good luck with this. Maybe next time you will be brave enough to give us a shot of you in your bathing suit.

    Have a great time in the water.

    1. Hi Julia, don't think I'll be posing for any pictures soon.

  4. Hi Ronda,
    Weird. On the 25th of June I'll be going through something similar. I have a swim training that evening as the first part of an 8 week introduction to triathlon ending with (I hope) participating in a 1/8th triathlon. I'll also be putting on a swimsuit and probably be going to the bathroom before I get up enough courage to face the other people there. I can pretty much hold my own in water, but have never really like swimming laps and such. Like you've shown time and again, you have to get out of your comfort zone. I'm glad you've set an example for me again! You keep giving me easy reasons to be very proud of my sister. I'm also glad you had a fun time. By the way, aquajogging as a means of recovery from injury has been around awhile, but what you all do sounds much more fun.
    Love, your brother


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