Monday, February 4, 2013

Pictures of projects in progress

As promised here are the pictures of my little rug projects.

My first rug hooking project:

I still have to finish the edges, but I like the way it turned out. You may notice the loops on the bottom of the sheep are taller than the others, I left them on purpose, they were my very first loops. It will be a pillow.

My next project was the little rug I started at Wool Poppies beginners class. Here is where it was the last time I posted a picture:

Here it is now:

I decided to deviate from the log cabin pattern and make it into a small "mug rug". I need to finish the edges.

Finally here is the pattern I found and figured out how to transfer it onto the primitive linen:

I love dragonfly's. This one will hang in my bathroom.

Getting the mail the next week should be fun, I've ordered a rug hooking frame, a cutter, some wool and a kit and DVD from Deanne Fitzpatrick. I also won two giveaways from the Grow Your Blog party so lot of goodies should be arriving soon.

Going thift store shopping today. Hopefully I'll find some wool skirts and other treasures.

Til next time, Ronda



  1. Really pretty colors on the heart. Love the sheep, especially :)

    1. Thanks Quinn, I went a little wild with the colors.

  2. These are gorgeous...almost make me wish I had done more than one - almost. Lots of work and love in those pieces - can't wait to see the dragonfly finished. Happy Tuesday - Tanya

    1. Thanks Tanya, I'm excited about the dragonfly because it's the first one I'll be choosing the colors of wool and cutting the strips.

  3. You know what so funny, I live here in East Canada and I ordered a hooking frame from Gene Shepherd in California and you live in California and you ordered your frame from East Canada. The duty on cross border buying is the killer. My order got held too long in transit and the company that sent it paid the duty just because they were so sorry that it took so long.

    Your little rugs are cute now to the dragonfly.

    Did you ordered a Cheticamp frame? Mine is a K-frame with grippers all around, it tilts and rotates so it makes hooking super easy for me but I wish that I would have ordered a rectangle frame instead. I like it anyway.


    1. Hi Julia, I actually bought my frame from a shop in California. I forgot the brand but it is a rectangle and it does tilt and swivel. One of the Members of the Wool Poppies said she thought having a frame swivel was an important feature.

      I ordered Deanne's DVD and a small kit. I find her style interesting and want to explore it more.

  4. Both rugs are cute, but I'm sure your sheep is extra special since it's your "first born". The background is really cool.


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