Monday, February 10, 2014

Is Crazy Quilting back?

While I was blog hopping I ran across some blogs dealing with crazy quilting. Pinterest  also has a lot of crazy quilting images.

About 10 years ago I made some crazy patch heart pillows. I liked doing the embroidery on the seams and embellishing them. I gave a couple of them away but have these two left.

Ribbon, beads, hearts and cupid.

The next one is special because I made for my Grandmother. Her initials "HP" are on the burgundy patch, they are hard to see in the picture. I was blessed to get it back when she passed.
She loved butterflies, cats and flowers so I made sure they were on the pillow. 
Ribbon, beads and buttons. 

I found the pattern for the heart pillow and some instructions in Judith Baker Montano's "The Crazy Quilt Handbook"
Another great resource for embroidery stitches is Judith's book "Elegant Stitches". 
If you like playing with different types of fabric and embellishing you might want to try crazy quilting.



  1. Ronda, your pillows are sweet, very Victorian looking.

  2. Lovely pillow, with its wandering ribbons!
    I once saw a crazy quilt at a fair, with colorful velvet pieces and lots of different fabrics, and words embroidered on it here and there. I thought it was a modern piece - it certainly looked new - but it turned out to be from the 1800s!

    1. Hi Quinn, I've had the same experience with crazy quilts, thinking they were modern when in fact they were made a hundred years ago. They are wonderful to look at.

  3. Your Crazy Quilt Hearts are gorgeous, Ronda !
    Crazy Quilting is still around and in many circles going very strong !!
    I do all of my crazy quilting in wool - LOVE ;)

    1. Hi Rose, unfortunately I've discovered the CQ circles, another way to spend my time. I wish I could settle on one or even two things but no I have to try everything.


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