Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Missing rug picture and weekend recap

Finally found time to fire up my laptop so I can post the missing rug picture from my last post:

Until I saw this picture I thought I had more done, oh well I'm enjoying the process.

On Saturday we went thrift store shopping. I found several wool skirts and because everything in the store was half off, each of them were only $2.00. I was a happy shopper. Not sure I'll get MM to go with me again but that's okay.

On Sunday we went to our first Logger Jamboree. It's held every year in North Fork, CA. We got lost following my phones GPS. I should have let MM go his way we would have arrived much sooner. He was a good sport and didn't say "I told you so".

 It was hot so we only stayed for a few events. Here are a few pictures:

There was a good size crowd, this picture only shows one side of the area.


In case you can't tell it was hard to get good pictures. The targets in the bottom picture are for the Ax throw, it was my favorite event of the day, especially when the women competed.

For those of you who watch Duck Dynasty you'll appreciate MM's addition to his shed:

It was too hot to weld so he came up with the sign instead. I love it.
Hope your week is going well. Ronda



  1. Hey Rhonda - I think your rug is looking great! If you keep at it I'm sure it'll be all finished and ready to display when the cooler weather arrives. Looks like a fun event with the loggers. I've heard of Duck Dynasty, but have never seen it - don't even know what it's about. Am I missing something good?

    1. Hi Gayle, I'm hoping to finish it by Fall, but that's only a couple of months away. My hubby and I enjoy Duck Dynasty, it's a reality series on the life of a family who make Duck Calls. No cussing, very little drama. Good family values with some humor thrown in.

  2. Your rug looks good and I love the colors.
    I don't watch TV but I saw some preaching from the Duck Dynesty brothers on Godvine. They had a documentary about the family. They used to all be clean cut but have grown beards. That's all I know of them but the sign looks good. Nice shed.


    1. Thanks Julia. Only a few more weeks and I'll be seeing pics of your Grandbabies visit, can't wait. Ronda

  3. Nice looking rug. I am always drawn to the rich fall colors. I've never seen that show but have heard lots about it. I'll have to check it out some night.

  4. The rug looks great. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Logging fun.

  5. That is a very nice rug. I need to finish up some of mine in that stage.
    Your trip looks like it was fun.


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