Friday, July 26, 2013

Home from my first rug camp

The past few days I've been attending "Hooker Hill" the Wool Poppies annual rug camp held in mid July at the ECCO retreat center just north of Oakhurst CA.

This years teachers were (from left to right) Susan Feller, Brigitta Phy and Laura Pierce.

I was lucky enough to take Brigitta's class and Laura's mini class. Wish I could have taken Susan's too.
I took a lot of pictures and should have taken even more, but I was busy working on my project. I'm going to take the next few posts to share pictures so I won't send you into rug overload.
Today I'll start with Brigitta. Rug hookers may know that Brigitta is Jane Olsens Granddaughter and shared many "Jane" stories with us. Brigitta's sister Martha joined us as well. Martha was working on one of Jane's rug patterns but did I get a picture or the name of the rug, no, sorry.
The rug that Brigitta is holding in the picture and shown below will be in Celebrations that comes out soon.
I also love this Monet that Brigitta hooked:

Those two rugs prove the point that rug hooking is "painting with wool".

Here is my class in action:

Trudy and Debbie hard at work.

Debbie is working on her airplane rug which I have shown several times on my blog---an excuse because I didn't get an updated picture.
Trudy is working on a spring themed rug pictured below. Who knew berries had so many purples in them?

My project is a small purse. I included as many techniques as I could, so this is my technique sampler purse. 
Here it is at the end of camp. I think I'm going to change the inner petals of the flower to shades of pink to help lighten it up a bit. 
There were two other beginners in class. Barbara is working on one of Brigitta's patterns and is learning how to do fine shading.

Tess is working on a pattern she drew and is also learning fine shading:

From all the moaning I heard from them I think I'll wait a while to learn fine shading.
To be continued......


  1. Well Rhonda, you sure are a lucky girl to take these workshops. I would love to take some lessons from Laura Pierce or any workshops from the other two.

    It sounds like you had a very productive time at rug camp. Thanks for sharing your exciting moments.

  2. Thanks Julia. Can't wait to attend another one.

  3. Beautiful rugs.
    Your camp sounds like it was a lot of fun, with great teachers.
    Love all the techniques in your project !


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