Thursday, January 30, 2014

Progress on my Rug and my studio

Here is where I was when I last posted about my rug:

This is where I am today
I have a little bit of the background to finish and almost all of the border. I need to get back to working on it a little bit each day.
I rearranged my studio and like working in it much better now. I can look out at the mountain while I work. My handy Mountain Man (MM) put a display shelf on two walls so I can enjoy my creations and other treasures.
MM also put up some hooks so I can hang my mobiles when I finish them.

Last weekend I got brave and took some of my mobiles and other work to a consignment shop in our little village. It's scary showing other people your work. She liked it and took 3 of my mobiles, some pincushions and four of the crosses that MM makes. I'm hoping they will sell.
I reused some items I found at thrift stores to make pincushions.
MM uses handles from old cutlery to make crosses.

I'll be so excited if I sell something, I will keep you posted.
I've been partying at Vicki's annual "Grow Your Blog" party. There are over 500 participants this year so I'll have a reason to party for quite a while.
Click here to party with me: Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full.
Til next time, Ronda



  1. What a beautiful design you are working on.
    Loving the rich deep colors.

  2. Beautiful designs! I love the rug and those crosses. Delightful to see these!

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. My husband makes the crosses.

  3. That is just wonderful work that you do! Thank-you so much for stopping by, and I look forward to my next visit.

    1. Welcome Andrea, hope you'll visit often.

  4. Nice studio! Good luck with the sales.


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